Durian - More Delightful Ways To Eat Durian

Eating fresh durian is very important for durian lovers. But there are many more delightful ways to eat durian. Durian pulp or flesh can be processed into many products such as durian paste, durian powder, durian candies, durian ice cream, or it can be mixed with other food which have a durian flavour or aroma.

This page brings you some of best recipes where the durian is the main ingredient.

1. Durian Cream Puffs

A delicious sweet and creamy treat for the whole family.



2. Baked Durian Cheese Cake

Baked Durian Cheese Cake fro Kuali

3. Durian Butter Cake With Citrus Frosting

Durian Butter Cake With Citrus Frosting

4. Serawa Durian

A sweet creamy dessert made from durian flesh, gula kabung (palm sugar) or brown sugar, coconut milk, and pandan leaves (screwpine leaves) for flavouring. Eaten with roti jala or glutinous rice.

Serawa Durian from Kuali

Khao Niew Numgati Thurian is very popular among Thais. It's similar to the Serawa Durian and is prepared by cooking ripe durian pulp mixed with coconut milk, a little sugar and salt. It is usually eaten with coconut milk-steamed glutinous rice.


5. Durian Mooncake

Durian Mooncake from Kuali

6. Durian Jelly Mooncake

Durian Jelly Mooncake from Kuali


 7. Durian Doughnut

Durian Doughnut from Kuali

8. Portuguese Durian Egg Tarts

Portuguese Durian Egg Tarts from Kuali

9. My Baking Workshop

Several durian recipes from this wonderful blog by housewife Evelyn from Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. If you do not know how to bake these delicious durian cakes, just give her a call.

a. Durian Cream Layer Cake
b. Durian Chocolate Layer Cake
c. Durian Tiramisu Cake
d. Durian Cheese Cake
e. Durian Cheese Tart

My Baking Workshop


Utilization of Durian In Thailand
Thailand's Department of Internal Trade photo

The edible portion of a durian fruit is only about one-third. The hard brownish seeds and the thorny husk make up the rest. The seeds can be fried like other snacks and the husk can be dried and used as fuel or as organic fertilizer for the trees.

Durian fresh consumption is by far the most important. Durians, harvested at 80-90% maturity, have a long shelf life of 5-10 days before consumption. The Monthong durian ripens slower than Chanee so it can be kept longer. But natural drop or overripe durians should be consumed as quickly as possible; however  they are unpopular with Thais. They are generally processed  into durian paste, candy or sticky rice with durian in coconut milk.

Read more about the different products and recipes from Thailand's Department of Internal Trade HERE.


10. Durian Seed Deep-Fried Slices or Chips

Durian chips

Durian seeds are poisonous when eaten raw but are very palatable when boiled, fried or roasted and have a texture that is similar to taro or yam, but stickier.

It is reported that cyclopropene fatty acids including sterculic, dihydrosterculic and malvalic acids were present in the uncooked durian seeds but not in the pulp.  Due to the toxic and perhaps carcinogenic nature of these substances, it would be unwise to ingest uncooked durian seeds. Heat destroy the poisonous acids. You can boil durian seeds in salted water or roast them over a fire. To prepare durian seed deep-fried slices or chips you will need a handful of durian seeds, vegetable oil, butter and salt.

You will need to remove the brownish tough outer seed coat of the durian seed. An easy way to do this is to heat the durian seeds in a wok using medium heat. Keep stirring the seeds until the seed coat turn black. Peel off the shriveled seed coat to expose the white seeds inside. Use a sharp knife to cut the white seeds into thin slices. Deep fry the slices in hot vegetable oil and strain. Mix butter and a little salt to the fried durian slices and serve.


11. McDonald's Durian Crunch McFlurry

Durian Crunch
 Too sweet. Only a durian flavoured ice-cream. A big disappointment.

Durian crepe

Durian crips

Durian biscuits
Vacuum freeze dried durian arils or flesh
Durian cake made from durian flesh and sugar

Durian Coffee


12. Green Beans and Durian


13. 3D Durian Cake

This magnificent 3D durian cake is the brainchild of Matthew Yap, who runs the Songket Artisan Bakery company with his wife Helen Wong.
Wong is the baker, but credits her husband for first conceiving the idea to make a 3D durian cake for an aunt’s 85th birthday celebration.
3D Durian Cake

14. Pizza Durian



15. BBQ Durian 


16. Durian Chicken Hot Pot


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  1. Here in Alaska at our local supermarket we can get deep frozen whole durians. I first tried thawing it out to eat it and i liked it but my wife did not. Tonight I just ate it frozen and i liked it even better and my wife loved it too. Better than ice cream : ) Frozen it smelled less, was much cleaner, and had a very nice texture.