D 200 - Black Thorn or Durian Duri Hitam

D200 or Black Thorn (Durian Duri Hitam)

Black Thorn or Ochee or Orchi is the latest durian entry by DOA. Mr. Leow Cheok Kiang from Penang filed for registration on 15.8.2012 and after verification by the DOA it is officially registered as
D200 or Durian Duri Hitam or Ochee on 15 June 2015. 

Black Thorn (Photo credit DurianKing.facebook
 Lindsay from Year Of The Durian describes the Black Thorn as:
Black Thorn is called Ocee (Black) in Chinese and Duri Hitam (Black Thorn) in Malay. The most logical story for the name is that this Black Thorn tends to have the dry, shriveled remnant of the flower stamen still attached to the bottom, which looks like a long, skinny black thorn.
This “thorn” is quite fragile and tends to break off during the fall or during transit, so it’s not that useful for identification purposes. But all Black Thorns have a darkish lump in the slightly concave center of the bottom where the stamen broke off.

Photo credit: Sixthseal
Read more about the Black Thorn at this page here.


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