Durian Ambassadors On The World Wide Web

Here are some of my favorite and best websites devoted to the durian.  They are true Durian Ambassadors On The Worldwide Web.

These durian lovers are loyal subjects to the "King of Fruits" and are dedicated to serve, protect and promote the mighty durian throughout the whole wide world. These sites are very informative and interesting, and the authors are very passionate about the durians and they really know their stuff.

I hope you will find whatever you are looking for about the durian in these links...have fun browsing over them. I'll add more to the list whenever I come across a good site. There is no ranking in the list.


1. Year Of The Durian

Don't let the title of this site fool you. This young and handsome American couple, Rob and Lindsay, thought they could cover the trail of the durian in a year (2012). They're wrong. Since then, they traveled for more than two years over 13 countries in Asia. They smelled and ate thousands of durians, and they fell for this very unique tropical fruit - hook, line and sinker! You can read all about their travels and adventure in this very creative and tasteful website.


The stories and posts often reflect the enthusiasm and obsession this pair of loyal subjects has with this popular fruit of South East Asia fondly regarded as the "King of Fruits". Their durian quest and adventure is still on-going (or never-ending) and you can expect more interesting and wonderful stories from them.

Year of The Durian website
   Strongly recommended for travelers or anyone looking for a unique durian adventure in South East Asia. Lots of tips, photos and information on the durian in 13 countries! Rob and Lindsay are truly Durian Ambassadors on the worldwide web and for Thailand in particular. Have fun and check out their wonderful e-book on "Thailand - The Durian Tourist's Guide". A must-have if you are traveling to Thailand for durian or seeking a great adventure to see the truly beautiful rural side of Thailand.

Check out the latest durian happenings at their popular facebook page.

Year of The Durian

Lindsay and Rob in Malaysia :

Sweet scent of durian draws American couple


2. Malaysia Durian Lover's Reference Site - Dedicated to durians

This durian blog is one of the best that I have seen and it has a Liebster Award! The author is very passionate and addicted to the durian and has dedicated herself to inform others about the durian especially when and where to get durians in and around Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and Singapore. Get the latest news and adventures about the durian from this tantalizing blog.



This durian farm is owned and operated  by Chang Teik Seng (popularly called Durian Seng) and his wife. The farm stretches over 6.7 acres and is planted with many popular Malaysian durian varieties. If you want to taste famous Penang varieties such as Ang Har, Ang Bak etc. this is the place to go. Lots of programs for visitors. Durian buffet, farm villas with modern facilities, talk shows and demonstrations. A wonderful place to eat durians and to spend your holidays.

Durian commercial


4. Fook Gor Organic Duran Farm

Fook Gor Durian Farm is Located at Sungai Klau Raub Pahang. It is managed by a group of Durian Specialists for over 30 Years. It is also the First durian farm to succeed in cultivating the famous Musang King Durian back in (1986).

Check out the latest durian happenings at Fook Gor Durian Farm HERE..

5. Sim Koa Yen

If you are planning a visit to the historical city of Malacca or Melaka on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia, you may want to include this durian orchard in your itinerary . You can book your durians in advance and also have homestay at the farm.


This travel site has a list of some of the best durian farms in Penang. If you up north in peninsular Malaysia and want to get close and personal with the "King of Fruits", the durian farms in Penang is the place to go. Names of places, addresses and contact numbers.


7. ieat.ishoot.ipost


I Eat, I Soot, I Post by Dr. Leslie Tay

This is not a durian blog per se, but a food blog dedicated to Singapore's best hawker food with beautiful photos and a frank review about food. The creator of this interesting and informative blog is Dr Leslie Tay who is is family doctor, author, blogger, photographer and speaker.

Nevertheless, when there is good food you also find the durian in its midst. This vibrant blog has several great posts dedicated to the durians and the stalls selling them in Singapore. A good site to visit if you are in Singapore and craving for durians.



From the 1987 classic by Julia F. Morton, Fruits of Warm Climates. Durian. p. 287–291.  Julia F. Morton, Miami, FL. Good technical information of durian.


Authors unknown but most of the content including photographs and data was compiled by the late Shunyam Nirav one of world's experts on the durian. Lots of good information about the durian including durian poetry, and beautiful photographs of  durian art and durian rind-scapes. Also has links to posts in pinterest and facebook.


Durianhaven is very similar to Shunyam's original website - the Durian Palace. This website has since been taken down and replaced with DurianHaven.

10. Teak Door

The tagline for this site is "The Thailand Expat for Travel, Lifestyle and Fun". It has a nice information page on the Durian in Thailand and some delicious durian recipes.

Teak Door

Uncle Tam's Durian Orchard is located in Southern Malaysia in Kahang, Johor He also has a durian orchard in Malacca.
Uncle Tam's Durian
The farm in Johor used to have about 200 trees but now it has only about 20 trees left. The oldest durian tree is about 30 years old and is a D13. The other cultivars or varieties are D101, D24, D Super 10, D144, D2, D79, D78, PG88, D123, and Red Prawn.

Uncle Tam has another 16 acres of durian in Malacca. Most of the trees are about 20 years old and some of the cultivars include  Red Prawn, Raja Kuching, Tek-ka, Carbide, Musang King, Super10, D13, D101, D24, D144, D2, D79, D78, PG88, D123 and many other local varieties.



Migrationology.com is where “people who love to eat and travel” come to experience and get a flavor for delicious food from around the world and from across cultures.



The Star - Opening durian with a wooden stake
Penang Balik Pulau Durian Farms

Malay Mail Online


Americans Eat Durians

US Ambassador to Singapore eat durian

Ambassador, Mrs. Wagar try durians for the first time

U.S. Ambassador to Singapore Kirk Wagar and his wife Crystal have been in Singapore for nearly two years but have never tried durians before. As the durian season comes to a close, popular food blogger Dr. Leslie Tay (a.k.a. ieatishootipost) takes them to 818 Durians & Pastries for a taste of the "King of Fruits." Watch and see their reactions!Watch our video on the top 5 things you need to know about durians, from ieatishootipost: http://goo.gl/f2UKKE #CulinaryDiplomacy #DurianDiplomacy
Posted by U.S. Embassy Singapore on Friday, August 28, 2015

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