Eat Durian For Charity

Jomdurian - VI : 18 August 2013 at Summit Subang Jaya
Main Beneficiary - "Smiles Across Malaysia!"
Malaysians go crazy over durians. But they are also very considerate when it come to helping the needy. So, when a very charitable event is held to raise funds for a noble cause with free durians as part of the deal then you surely have a winner.

Yes, Jomdurian VI, the sixth in the series, was a great success. Thousands of durian lovers came to The Summit USJ to participate in this durian buffet and contribute to help the Children's Wish Society of Malaysia bring a smile back to terminally ill children by granting them a wish.

Contribute RM20 to CWS and get to eat as much durian as you like
The media people checking in at the registration counter
Time to get in to enjoy the durian

Tables and chairs for the corporate donors

ADUN Hannah Yeoh was one of  the dignitaries to grace the event

"Musang King" durians for the corporate tables
Corporate table at RM500

Opening "Musang King" durians for the VIPs

Volunteers did a good job opening the durians for the public

Another volunteer with a tray of local durians

Durian, durian, and more durian - all ready for distribution

Plenty of local fruits - durian, mangosteen and rambutan
Initiating the young to enjoy durian

You're "hooked" for life!

Age is no barrier to enjoy durian
It doesn't matter who you're...
.. everyone is a durian lover
"All-you-can-eat" durian lovers having fun

Another section of the happy crowd

Eat and catch up with the local news..

Two lovely ladies served by a pretty volunteer..

.. and by a happy volunteer..

..and again by another hard-working volunteer..

"I'm full! Cannot eat anymore.."

"Hey! Let's have some more.."

Correct way to drink after eating durian: Pour some water onto a durian husk

It's refreshing! Helps cool the durian's "heatiness' and get rid of the smell too.

The tables are almost empty. Everyone gets ready to leave after a hefty meal of durian
Time to clean up!
JomDurian VI on YouTube. Watch it here...

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