Durian Marketing in Thailand and DIT

Commercial Durian Production In The World 

Thailand is the main durian producer in the world. Thailand's commercial production of durian is about 900,000 to 950,000 tonnes, followed by Malaysia (400,000 tonnes) and Indonesia (200,000 tonnes). The Philippines and other ASEAN nations also grow durian but at much smaller scale and mainly for domestic consumption.

The annual main durian marketing period is usually from May to August with a smaller crop during December to February.

Most durian produced in the world is consumed locally while only a small percentage is exported. Thailand is the largest exporter of fresh and frozen durian with 1997 exports of 78,500 tonnes or 10% of its total production. Thailand exports durian to Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA, Taiwan, Europe, Singapore, Canada, Brunei, Australia and Japan.

Malaysia's durian production is mainly consumed locally but a significant amount of good quality durian is exported to Singapore with smaller amounts to Thailand and Brunei. Frozen durian pulp is exported to China. During the off-season, Malaysia imports durian from Thailand to meet local demands.

The durian production in Indonesia, the Philippines and Brunei is insufficient to meet domestic demand, and import durians from Malaysia and Thailand.

Singapore does not produce durians, but as an entrepot,  it imports durian from Malaysia and Thailand and re-export them to Malaysia, Brunei and Hong Kong.

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Thailand's Department of Internal Trade under the Ministry of Commerce is tasked to create market opportunities and maintain stable agricultural commodity prices. Durian is one of the major agricultural commodities under it's jurisdiction. The department maintains a very active and informative website:

Department of Internal Trade, Thailand

 Latest Durian Price In Bangkok

To find out the latest retail or wholesale price of durian Monthong variety in Bangkok, you go straight to the menu listed as  "Prices & Products" of Agricultural Commodities:

Prices and situation of important agricultural commodities

Click onto this link to get the latest retail or wholesale price of durian Chanee or Monthong in Bangkok:

Price of Agricultural commodities in Bangkok
Under Price, you will need to choose either "Retail Price" or "Wholesale Price".

Under Category, select "Fruits".

Under Product, you only have 2 choices for Durian - Chanee or Monthong.

Price List, Category and Product
This will generate a "Line Graft" or "Bar Chart" for the latest price of the durian variety you have selected according to the date, month and year.

Line graft or bar chart and price on dates indicated in the table.


 Season Agricultural Calendar

Another very useful information provided by this website is the current Agricultural Calendar which shows the overall production season and situation of the commodity. 

To access this page, go to the menu "Information Services>Agriculture>Agricultural Calendar":

Seasonal Produce Calendar List

 Under the column Product, check out the commodity "Durian". The coloured bars indicate the current season durian production situation:

Season Agricultural Calendar

The Durian Tourist Guide is another good and accurate source of information to find out about the durian production and seasonal situation in 16 durian-producing provinces in Thailand. This book is for tourists with durian on their brain as well as for serious durian hunters who want to connect with Thai durian farmers and source their fruits for the market. Lots of photos, maps, charts and contacts information.

Connect with Thai durian farmers


Durian trade in a Thai market

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