What Americans and Canadians Say About The Durian

NCIS Los Angeles, Season 6, Episode 6.

From the popular CBS TV series NCIS: Los Angeles, Season 6, Episode 6 "Seal Hunter"

In this episode, the durian was the object of curiosity in the opening scene:

02:21m (Opening scene. Deeks poking a durian with a dinner knife)

Kensi:  What's that?
Deeks:  Durian..King of fruits..so hot right now.
Kensi:  Why is it hot?
Deeks: Since the Garden of Eden.
            Then it was an apple. But fruit has evolved.
Kensi: This one might be more evolved than you.
Deeks: Lychee... goji... mangosteen...
           This is another level completely.
           This is a stimulant...a mood enhancer...
           an aphrodisiac....but all rolled into one,
           and then I put my money into a smoothie.

Pretty cool definition of a durian at the opening scene

6:50m  (Deeks found a durian at the murdered victim's house. The victim was a vegetarian.  Deeks holds a durian in his hand)

Deeks was so very excited to find a durian at the victim's house
42:12m (Closing scene: Dicks cuts the durian into two with a sharp knife. This is a crude and incorrect way to open a durian).

Now, watch the reactions from the rest of the cast members:

Kensi's nonverbal reactions to the smell of a durian

More reactions to the durian infamous smell

Another cute American reaction to durian smell
The final word from Hetty! This is the spoiler - the anti-climax - to the pungent aroma of the durian.

Either you love it or you don't.

The spoiler or anti-climax at the end of the durian episode

NCIS cast members had a raw deal getting an over-ripe and rotting durian. The dull color and soft texture of the husk when Deeks poked the durian with the knife are tell-tale signs of a durian way past its prime. It's not fit for eating! It's smell must be horrendous!

Don't let the TV fooled you. You're misinformed!


Americans Do Love Durians!

Did you know?

Thailand is the largest exporter of fresh and frozen durian in the world.

In 1977, Thailand exported 5493 tonnes of frozen durian of which 60% went to the USA and the rest to Canada and other European countries.

Department of Internal Trade, Thailand

Be Informed! Get The Real Stories 

Durian as told by an American who really knows her stuff
Let my good friend Lindsay show you what a real durian is all about and why most people in South East Asia love it so much. She is durian adventurer, traveler, photographer and writer of a wonderful durian blog. Check it out. Get the true stories. You won't be disappointed.


Published on Apr 21, 2014

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