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A beautiful video on the Flowering to Fruit Ripening of the durian.
A must-watch video to understand the fruit development stage of this famous fruit.



Durian farm in Raub, Pahang, Malaysia

Visit Mr. Eddie Yong's durian farm at Raub..the "Durian Haven" in Malaysia. Eddie is a durian expert and you can learn a lot about Malaysian durians from him.

He talks about 3 "species" (word incorrectly used, should be "cultivars" or more commonly "varieties"): D197 - Musang King, Raja Kunyit or Mau Shan Wang; D24; and D175 or Ang Hea, Red Prawn or Udang Merah;

Let him show you how to open a durian with a very simple tool he invented.


A Durian Farm in Segamat, Johor, Malaysia

Mr Chew (Lo Ti Kia) from Segamat , Johor, Malaysia, gives a tour of his fruit farm. He has a D13 (?; this is not in the official register) durian variety and the famous D197 or  Musang King durian, or Mao Shan Wang. He also introduces his special or Rare Mangosteen and Sarawak Pineapple.

Take note of his harvesting techniques of the D197 - the most expensive and popular durian in the market. He uses rafia strings to tie his durian fruits preventing them from hitting the ground when they ripen and fall. He also uses nylon netting to break the fall of ripen durians. The fruit of the Musang King or D197 has a delicate and fairly thin husk and splits open easily on hitting a hard surface.

A must-watch section is on field budding of the durian tree (4:54 to 6:40 min). 


Continues from previous video - field budding of the Musang King durian.


Durian Malaysia

This video is in Mandarin. It's a good introduction to Malaysia and the famous durian, and why the locals as well as foreigners love this exotic fruit so much. Talks about the health benefits of durian and there is a clip on how frozen durian arils are packed for export.


Different Varieties of Malaysian Durian

Four local varieties of durian that are popular in Penang:  Ang Bak or Red Flesh; Durian 604; Centipede; and Bak Yu or Pork Oil. The farmer uses a very sharp knife to cut at the seams and then open the fruit easily with his hands.



The Cure - Restoring Healthy Profits For Jackfruits and Durian Farmers In Southern Philippines

How to care for the jackfruit and durian. Listen to Professor David Guest from the University of Sydney and local Filipino experts give tips on best practices or good agricultural practices (GAP) to control one of the most devastating disease that attack both the jackfruit and durian. Video in Tagalog with English subtitles.



Would appreciate very much if any Thai readers could comment on the following videos. Thank you.

 Thailand Durian Legend

This video is about an elderly Thai farmer and his durian farm. I guess he is a well-known local legend and grows durian on a large scale. The trees are neatly planted in rows with sprinkler system and farm machinery. His durian harvest must be good as he uses long bamboo poles to prop the branches heavily laden with fruits.


A Commercial Durian Farm in Thailand

Another informative and well-managed durian farm in Thailand owned by a young farmer. The trees are probably about 15 to 20 years. Notice how he tagged each tree and he also has a printed Durian Tree Inventory list. He has an intimate knowledge on every tree in his orchard.


Durian Harvesting In Thailand

Even though this video is in Thai, you can easily understand what's going on in a Thai durian farm during the harvesting season. See how durians are harvested from the trees, the farm sale, etc. Watch out for a clip on how a farmer does flowers thinning (at 7:48min)  to get good quality fruits. Great video.


Durian Farm In Thailand

This video is taken during the onset of flowering stage even on very young trees. I like this video because it shows the well-spaced branching system of the trees.

Pruning, Broadcast Fertilizers

See how pruning is done to remove a low branch and also a farm worker broadcasting fertilizers.

A video on fruit thinning and tying fruits to branches to prevent them from falling onto the ground during the ripening stage.

Thai Technology

The following 2 videos are from the Ministry of Science and Technology. See how durian technology on GAP or Good Agricultural Practices is transfer to the farmers through lectures and demonstrations in the field.

Video 1:

continue video 2:

Another Thai video! Don't get distracted with the sales pitch. Look at the trees and see how tall they are. Observe the branches - see how well-spaced and strong they are to support the two guys. A good number of fruits on the branches. Farmers need to climb the tree and tie the fruits with nylon strings.



Khmer Durian

Durian in Cambodia.


Three Popular Indonesian Varieties

This video is about 3 most popular durian varieties in Indonesia: Durian Lai, Durian Medan and Durian Petruk. A very good description of each variety as well as where and when you can find them. Very good documentary video.


Durian Farm In Central Java, Indonesia

This farm belongs to Mr. Suwatno who uses various commercial products which he put on his durian trees to increase yield. See how tall are his durian trees. See a man climbing up the tree branches (2:05 min) and harvested fruits being lowered by string onto the ground (2:44 min).



Durian - The World's Smelliest Fruit

By Thomas Fuller from the New York Times.

Funky Smelling Fruit

Watch what National Geographic and many westerners have to say about the famous (or infamous?) durian..This is taken in Kucing, Sarawak.

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